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Keith Huntoon, President and Co-Founder, LiftEngineKeith Huntoon, President and Co-Founder
Marketing attribution models help advertisers better understand which specific marketing efforts are driving the most purchases and contributing to revenue. Traditionally, many companies relied on third-party cookies as a user tracking mechanism to facilitate attribution analytics. However, the demise of cookies brought about by privacy regulations—Europe’s GDPR and The California Consumer Privacy Act—is changing how marketers approach data collection, audience targeting, and attribution analysis. While several solutions from Google, Facebook, and Amazon address these challenges today, merely relying on big players creates inherent issues.

These service providers operate—using walled garden data management—with complete control over the audience creation process, making it impossible for businesses to utilize data for their analyses. LiftEngine, a digital marketing and database marketing agency, utilizes a combination of direct digital targeting and proprietary post-campaign matching to provide clients with more accurate marketing attribution. Since 2005, the company has been on a mission to help businesses connect and better understand their prospects and customers. “Our focus lies in targeting individuals most likely to engage with our clients to generate a positive return on advertising spend on every campaign,” adds Keith Huntoon, President, and Co- Founder, LiftEngine.

Based on unique business and marketing goals, LiftEngine identifies which social media platforms are a good fit for a client’s audience. For a vast majority of LiftEngine’s clients, the target market is typically people over 25-years with medium-to-high incomes. Therefore, applications such as TikTok and Snapchat—geared toward a younger age group — are less viable than Facebook, Instagram, and in some cases, Pinterest, for reaching a broader and more profitable audience. Once the appropriate channels are identified, LiftEngine builds a predictive data model of prospects based on demographics, lifestyles, and purchase behaviors of the client’s best customers. The results of that model are applied to their consumer database to build a prospect list of only those most likely to respond.

Our focus lies in targeting individuals most likely to engage with our clients, accurate response attribution and ultimately maximizing the return on ad spend for every campaign

From there, the prospect audience is uploaded and matched to the social media channels.

Since LiftEngine knows exactly who is being targeted, they can provide clients with accurate post-campaign attribution analytics. And unlike Google’s tracking tags and Facebook’s tracking pixel, LiftEngine provides full access to audience data and enables businesses to perform their analyses. Marketers also have the freedom and flexibility they need to manage their data while building a powerful attribution strategy across the customer journey.

LiftEngine manages both multi-channel and digital-only campaigns for clients. The company’s digital experts have years of experience successfully developing and executing thousands of campaigns, and navigating the rapidly changing marketing landscape. LiftEngine provides a client-accessible dashboard, weekly and end-of-campaign reports, while at the same time answering the important question of how each campaign is impacting the bottom line.

Citing a success story, Huntoon described how LiftEngine helped a clothing retailer acquire new customers and build brand awareness. In the past, the client relied heavily on catalog mailings. As customers shifted to online buying, the client wanted to integrate their mailings with digital ads targeting the same audience.

Measuring the true impact of these digital ads, and the incremental lift of adding social, was of utmost importance for the client. LiftEngine began by building a prospect audience for the direct mail campaign, then onboarded these names and addresses to Facebook and Instagram. By targeting specific consumers across channels, the client increased its average order value by 10 percent and response rate over the control by 29 percent.

Converting one-time buyers into loyal customers is challenging, which is why businesses need to use a combination of social and offline channels when designing marketing campaigns. For companies striving to connect with customers and grow brand awareness, LiftEngine offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions designed to both satisfy marketing attribution needs and manage multi-channel campaign strategies. Best of all, every solution is backed by a transparent campaign response analysis.
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Keith Huntoon, President and Co-Founder

LiftEngine helps clients learn about their customers and execute more profitable campaigns. They build marketing databases, provide analytic solutions and help clients reach targeted customers online and offline