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Alexey Orap, CEO and Founder, YouScanAlexey Orap, CEO and Founder
Social media offers brands a great platform to connect with their audience. As a result, more or-ganizations are investing in social media analytics tools for gathering intel, listening to their cus-tomers, and monitoring interest patterns. Additionally, the COVID crisis has increased the need for social media interactions now more than ever, as companies now connect with customers via their online behaviour rather than face-to-face. However, while integrating social media analytics tools into their businesses, firms need dedicated teams that understand their values, goals, and overall context surrounding brand-related discussions to get meaningful insights from data and act accordingly. To this end, YouScan, an international SaaS company, develops AI-powered social media analytical tools that minimize the effort and time needed to obtain insights from vast amounts of user-generated data. With its platform’s social media image recognition capa-bilities (Visual Insights), the company helps businesses achieve actionable consumer insights faster and cheaper from multimedia data, to deliver valuable info on customer preferences, be-haviors and brand associations.

YouScan monitors textual and visual data on various online sites or social platforms and allows users to customize the settings and filters such as content categories and sentiment options. Uti-lizing its proprietary machine-learning algorithms, the platform delivers at nearly 90 percent ac-curacy in sentiment detection by automatically identifying different aspects of the brand’s prod-ucts and services such as relative price, quality, and design. Additionally, YouScan’s advanced sentiment analysis unlocks the granular information of users’ feedbacks or mentions, that con-tains a mix of positive and negative sentiment about various factors, i.e., good quality at a bad price-point. This enables companies to analyze each customer’s feedback and understand them better without missing any mention. The solution is fully capable of identifying brand logos, ob-jects, scenes, activities, and dominant image colors, and allows organizations to obtain non-verbal consumer insights, that are crucial for digital consumer research.

Capable of identifying brand logos, objects, scenes, activities, and dominant image colors, YouScan allows organizations to obtain non-verbal consumer insights crucial for digital consumer research

Companies use YouScan’s social media image recognition technology to improve their brand positioning and marketing messaging. For instance, a client used image recognition technology for a study focused on the visual analysis of food consumption in festive and family gathering circumstances and the brand’s affinity with their customers on several Eastern European and Asian markets. Another YouScan client utilized image recognition technology to collect and ana-lyze user-generated content posted during a music festival to measure the impact of their spon-sorship and identify the most “instagrammable” hot spots to enhance their logo placement next year. “Due to our powerful image recognition capabilities, Gartner named us a ‘Cool AI Vendor for Marketing’ and SaaS Advisor recognized us as the winner in the ‘Visual Analysis’ category in their benchmarking research of leading social media listening platforms,” says Alexey Orap, CEO and Founder of YouScan.

Apart from its image recognition capabilities, the company uses AI-powered Natural Language technology to discover emerging trends and anomalies in data. Then the aforementioned virtual assistant AINA turns these discoveries into insights and shares them as alerts sent directly to us-ers. Furthermore, YouScan seamlessly integrates with HelpDesk, CRM systems, and messengers such as Slack and sets up alerts based on automatic rules that streamline client’s social media reputation management and customer support. The platform also enables organizations to grant access for using social media intelligence to individuals as per need. Along with the comprehen-sive features, the user-friendly and straightforward interface of YouScan provides a quality cus-tomer experience that differentiates the company from other players in the market. Focusing on building new features while enhancing existing ones, YouScan has recently added a new product to its portfolio-Insight Wall—a digital command center solution for organizations—that allows users to visualize consumer insights on well-designed multi-screen dashboards. Leveraging over a decade of experience in social media analytics, the company continuously looks forward to de-livering advanced AI-powered capabilities for consumer research and extending the platform’s coverage to include new sources of public customer data.
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Alexey Orap, CEO and Founder

YouScan develops intelligent social media monitoring and analytics tools for written and visual brand mentions on social media platforms and online websites that enable companies to uncover valuable consumer insights